Testimonial by Amri Johnson of Diversity Healthworks

Amri Johnson's review of the Diversity HealthWorks branded social community project.

Here's what Armri Johnson posted on our LinkedIn Profile:

(Thank you for your kind words, Amri.)

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Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative
“When we were ready to create a social network for our brand Diversity HealthWorks, we were without a clue. I met Jim through Twitter and MedXCentral and after speaking to him at length got so much information that I knew he could make it happen. He talked to me a few times and then went to work and what was produced via Ning was exactly what I wanted it to be. It still is and more than likely, Jim will be called on to do more for us. He is consistent, shoots straight and is committed to making sure your experience meets or exceeds expectations. Jim knows how to connect the social media dots. He helped us connect ours. If you want to connect yours, call on him!” January 22, 2010